Taxpayer personal office

Online service "Taxpayer personal office for individuals" allows a taxpayer:

  • Receive relevant information about the objects of property and vehicles, on the amounts accrued and paid taxes, overpayments and tax liabilities before the budget;
  • Monitor settlements of budgetary payments;
  • Receive and print tax notices and receipts for tax payments;
  • Pay the tax arrears and proceed with tax payments;
  • Download software used for filling personal tax returns;
  • Track the status of a desk audit on tax returns - form 3-NDFL;
  • Apply to tax authorities without visiting a tax office personally.

"Taxpayer personal office for individuals" may be accessed by two ways:

  • With login and password specified in the registration card. To receive a registration card, you need to make a personal visit to any* Inspectorate of FTS of Russia, regardless of the place of taxpayers registration. If you apply for registration card to the Inspectorate at the place of your registration you have to identify yourself by presenting a valid ID. If you apply to other Inspectorates, in addition to that, you will have to present original or a copy of taxpayer’s registration certificate (TIN certificate)/notification of registration. Acquiring access to the service for persons under 14 years old, is performed by their legal representatives (parents, adoptive parents, custodians) provided the representatives present a birth certificate (or other document confirming parental authority) and IDs. The service enables filing of an online-application for connection to service for subsequent registration through a personal visit to inspectorate.

    If you had previously obtained login and password but you lost them you should apply to any* Inspectorate of FTS of Russia provided you present ID in case you apply to the inspectorate at the place of tax registration. If you apply to other inspectorates in addition to that you will have to present original or a copy of taxpayer’s registration certificate (TIN certificate)/ notification of registration.

  • Through a qualified digital signature/Universal Electronic Card. Qualified Certificate key of digital signature verification must be issued by a Certification Authority accredited by Russian Ministry of Communications and can be stored on any media: hard disk, USB-key, Universal Electronic Card or a smart card. This requires the use of specific software - cryptographic service provider (CSP): CryptoPro CSP version 3.6 and above.

    For proper authorization in the corresponding service we recommend to use a qualified certificate of digital signature that satisfies the provisions of the Order of the Federal Tax Service of Russia of 08.04.2013 № MMV-7-4/142.

Any questions on the use of this service? See our "FAQ".

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To try functional options of "Taxpayer personal office for individuals" you can run it in a test mode. To access test mode please enter login – 000000000000 (twelve zeros) and a random password.